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IIMAK is a manufacturer of printing, imaging and marking consumable products with 1,000 employees worldwide. Headquartered in Amherst, New York, with additional manufacturing, distribution and sales operations in Belgium, Brazil and Mexico, IIMAK serves global needs for thermal transfer ribbons, direct thermal films, inkjet inks and related products. iiMED Medical Manufacturing Solutions is a separate IIMAK Division specializing in medical device manufacturing services.

First in Service. Impressions that Last.

IIMAK’s customer care is unequalled across the globe with a clear focus on developing products and services that help partners grow their business. Industry leading programs also simplify business processes and reduce transactional costs for customers. This includes drop-shipping to improve lead-times and reduce freight costs, print testing to accelerate the sales cycle and marketing support to generate new business. IIMAK partners compete effectively with a comprehensive product offering, outstanding technical support and unmatched flexibility in private labeling.


Over 30 years of Growth

IIMAK has grown to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers of thermal transfer ribbons, and has diversified into the broader consumable imaging supplies market offering inkjet inks, direct thermal films and other related products.

1983: Modest Beginnings, Great Possibilities

In 1983, the founders of International Imaging Materials, Inc. (IIMAK) secured a technology license to produce thermal transfer ribbons exclusively in North America. This new digital technology enabled Automatic Identification and delivered breakthroughs in productivity, efficiency, and logistics for manufacturers and distributors utilizing barcoding. IIMAK quickly moved into production with the installation of its first coating and slitting equipment and the first thermal transfer ribbon was produced in Amherst, NY in 1985.

1990s: Organic Growth in a New Market

Adoption of thermal transfer technology across a variety of industries fueled the rapid growth of thermal transfer ribbons. IIMAK expanded the US facility to 300,000 square feet and expanded research and development to invent new products to meet changing market needs. Over time, IIMAK began to create differentiation through innovative service enhancements to support OEM and reseller customers. For example, IIMAK was the first in the industry to introduce breakthroughs in same day drop shipping with fully customizable private labeling. IIMAK also pioneered a strong online presence with a password protected site for customers that evolved into Inside IIMAK.

2000: Investment and Global Expansion
As the technology license came to a close, IIMAK embarked on an aggressive global expansion strategy.  In South America, IIMAK acquired its key converting partners in Brazil in 2000, establishing itself as the clear market leader with locations in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Manaus. IIMAK Europe manufacturing and distribution subsidiary was opened in 2001, located just outside Antwerp, Belgium to serve the EMEA market. IIMAK also established a maquiladora just over the Texas border in Reynosa, Mexico offering low cost assembly services to support business in the office products channel.

2010: Diversification and Business Extension
IIMAK embarked on broadening its penetration into the fluid inks market, capitalizing on its strengths in product development, manufacturing and distribution.  From 2013 to 2015, IIMAK completed five acquisitions which added a range of fluid inks, including inkjet inks for industrial and graphics applications.

Additionally, IIMAK evolved its contract manufacturing business into iiMED Medical Manufacturing Solutions in 2013 to better serve Class I and II medical device manufacturers with cost effective manufacturing services in Reynosa Mexico, just over the US border.

IIMAK also remains focused and committed to the thermal transfer ribbon industry. IIMAK strengthened its market position in Mexico and Central America with the acquisition of converting partner, IDISA in late 2013. IIMAK also demonstrated commitment to product development, recently introducing two new thermal transfer ribbons – SP575 Resin for high chemical resistance and NETFlex+ for high speed coding directly onto flexible packaging.  On the service side, enhancements on Inside IIMAK and improvements in lead times were successfully launched.


With a clear vision and a commitment to customers, IIMAK is well positioned to meet market demands with the broadest product offering and the highest level of customer care.