Identification of auto parts, labels for batteries, tires and seat belts, are important for inventory control, tracking, processes for quality testing and direct sales, with coding and variable data printing.

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Identification labels applied on chemical drums and containers require high resistance to chemicals, heat, water, abrasion and others. This is specifically important now with the GHS and BS5609 regulations where the information must remain legible throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, use and storage.

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Durable Goods

Durable goods and equipment labels need to consistently perform in harsh environments. Examples include labels on industrial equipment such as appliances, heating and cooling equipment, power tools, outdoor equipment (lawn mowers, air conditioners), small motors, compressors or generators.  Many durable goods require UL 969 Recognized Label Solutions – click to learn more.

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Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging requires high speed for imprinting date, price, lot and bar codes directly on flexible packaging.  High speed thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) printers and analog pad printers can be found in many food packaging, healthcare and retail product manufacturing plants. 

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Patient identification and asset tracking are critical in healthcare today; the information must be durable and legible. The FDA is establishing a unique device identification system to adequately identify medical devices through their distribution and use. When fully implemented, the label of most devices will include a unique device identifier (UDI) in human- and machine-readable form. Examples include printing identification labels on medicine boxes or directly on the packaging; Seal on packaging saline and blood bag; print on the labels of materials for test collections and patient wristbands.

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Compliance labeling, shipping and pallet labels are needed for the movement of goods and tracking of materials through each stage in the process from receiving inventory, storing, moving and shipping.  They can often be exposed to different environments from rough handling to dust, cold, heat and moisture.

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Outdoor labels and signs require resistance to rain, snow, UV and other environmental conditions. Examples include labeling for forestry and lumber, plant stakes and tree tags and steel tags.  Many other applications are exposed to outdoor elements such as chemical labeling, signage, compressors, air conditioners and other types of equipment. 

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Fresh fruits and vegetables are being impacted with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI). The food industry is recommending that food products be tracked for safety and efficiency, in addition to having visibility of products through the supply chain. The labels will require durability, scratch and smudge as well as resistance to outdoor elements.

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Identification labels and sales information with price and barcode are important for tracking and managing of inventory. Retail labels are often exposed to handling and will require some abrasion resistance.  Examples include food labeling such as gourmet snacks, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, specialty snacks, health food, bakery items; Specialty retail such as sporting goods, home and garden equipment, craft supplies and herbal supplements; Apparel such as garment/clothing hang tags.

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Security/Brand Protection

Product authentication and brand protection can be added to products using UV technology.  Often a UV Invisible bar code is added as a first layer of security to serve a dual purpose - not just for identification but it prints a clear 2D barcode to carry data. The technology keeps the information private but helps investigators differentiate genuine from counterfeit.

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Signage products such as colorful vehicle wraps and license plates are typically exposed to a variety weather conditions and require high resolution printing and good durability.

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