Large Character DOD

Large Character DOD Service

Drop-on-Demand Printing Systems

IIMAK Inks offers a comprehensive service program for DOD print heads manufactured by such OEM’s as Marsh®, Loveshaw®, Diagraph®, FoxJet®, Videojet®, Willett® and others. At IIMAK Inks, our highly skilled technicians service, repair and clean your DOD print heads until they achieve optimum performance. Most OEM’s only offer expensive rates and long turnaround times. You won’t find these limitations at IIMAK Inks!

Service program for DOD cleaning and repair includes the following:

  • Disassembly of the print head (7 dot or 16 dot)
  • Removal of face plate for ultrasonic cleaning
  • Perform ultrasonic cleaning of nozzle array
  • Testing for proper performance of each valve
  • Valve replacement if necessary
  • Examination and cleaning of remaining components of DOD print head
  • Flush all ink lines in print head assembly
  • Flush ink manifold
  • Re-assembly of printhead and introduction of fluid to clear ink lines of all air bubbles
  • Laboratory test of printhead to ensure the highest quality print has been obtained
  • In order to prevent air from entering the system we charge the print assembly with ink
  • Every printhead serviced includes a print sample and maintenance report to verify proper operation