3 Tips on How to Prospect for TTO Ribbon Business in Flexible Packaging

Monday, January 4, 2021

Whether you already sell near-edge Thermal Transfer Overprint (TTO) ribbons or you’re looking to gain new business in this growing industry, finding prospects for your business and nurturing them into leads is a great way to increase sales. However, unproductive prospecting can lead to wasted sales time. Use these three tips to more effectively acquire new leads for your business:

  1. Know where to look
    While there are a variety of industries where near-edge TTO ribbons are used on flexible packaging, the core applications are commonly found in food, pharmaceuticals and pet food. If you are already currently servicing manufacturers in the food and medical industries for traditional shipping label applications, the new business might be closer than you think. Find out if your customers are currently coding on their packaging lines by visiting your customer and asking questions. During visits, make sure to look around. Near-edge printers can be small and not always visible on the packaging line. If you currently do not have customers in these industries, try exploring your local grocery store for store and brand name products packaged with flexible materials. You can even use Google Maps to search for manufacturers of snacks or other known users of flexible packaging.

  2. Find out who to contact
    Once you have pinpointed a prospect, it’s important to know who to contact. Finding the key decision-maker will determine whether your company gets the sale. This may be a production or maintenance floor manager, a packaging engineer or specialist, or a purchasing agent. LinkedIn is a great way to research the employees of a company and learn more about the person before you contact them.

  3. Have a strategy
    Before you can make your offer, you’ll first need to identify the prospect’s business needs in order to make sure you are providing value to the prospect. You need to understand the packaging process – what product is being packaged, what does the packaging line look like, and what is the packing environment? Dig in to understand how printer service and parts are handled and if operators can make printer adjustments on their own. Once you have this information, you can tailor your offering and set yourself apart from the competition.

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