IIMAK Employee Spotlight

21 October 2020

What Makes IIMAK Home For Senior Account Manager Lou Morabito

IIMAK Employee Spotlight - Lou Morabito

Our Senior Account Manager, Lou Morabito, first joined IIMAK in 1995 as a Sales Representive. Lou now manages the majority of our top tier accounts within our thermal transfer ribbon division. Now, after recently celebrating his 25th anniversary with IIMAK, he reflects on what has made it such a great place to spend his days.

QUESTION: Compared To Other Places You Have Worked, What Differentiates IIMAK?

Answer: The comradery, and the professional treatment they give their employees is what makes IIMAK a great place to be.

QUESTION: Who Inspired You To Pursue The Career You Have Today?

Answer: My Father who migrated to the United States from Italy. He built a small entrepreneurship through setting goals and was beyond devoted to succeeding until he reached the top.

QUESTION: What Was The First Concert You Ever Attended?

Answer: Rush

QUESTION: What Is The Best Part Of Your Job?

Answer: The best part is working with the people at IIMAK. Everyone here internally is the best in the thermal transfer ribbon industry and beyond, and it indeed shows day in and day out.

QUESTION: What Motivates You To Wake Up And Go To Work?

Answer: The challenges that the day will bring.

QUESTION: What Was Your First Job Ever?

Answer: Lawn Cutting

QUESTION: What’s One Thing That You’ve Learned At IIMAK That Has Helped Shape Your Career?

Answer: Having more of a strategic vision.

QUESTION: How Do You Define Success?

Answer: Success is the achievement of desired visions and planned goals.

QUESTION: What Are The Three Traits That Define You?

Answer: Loyalty, Devotion, Optimism

QUESTION: What Advice Do You Have For Younger Generations Looking To Pursue A Career In Sales/Account Management?

Answer: Two things:

  1. Building Relationships is THE KEY - People in sales tend to enjoy making contacts and spending time talking with people.
  2. Providing strong customer service - This includes listening to your customers, resolving their issues, and providing them with a prompt response to any problems.

If you’re looking for thermal transfer ribbon, direct thermal solutions, or simply want to pick Lou’s brain on any industry standards, feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn. You can continue learning more about what our employees do at work, in their free time, and more by following us on LinkedIn.