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23 November 2020

What Makes IIMAK Home For Account Manager Chris Boyd

Chris Boyd - IIMAK Employee Spotlight

Account Manager, Chris Boyd, started at IIMAK in 2019. As one of the newest account managers in our thermal transfer ribbon division, he's made a significant impact on his team and with his customers. Chris is consistently engaging with other departments in an effort to expand our thermal transfer business at IIMAK!

When it comes to his customers, he says that caring about them, their business, and building their trust is one of the main reasons his role is so fulfilling. For many of his customers, he has firmly established himself as an extension of their business.

We spent time with Chris to learn more about how his first year with IIMAK has been and what he enjoys most about his role, along with life outside of the office.

Industry Expert in Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Question: What is the best part of your job?

A: The best part about my job is building a relationship with our partners to the point where they know and trust me to handle whatever they need.

Question: What's one thing that you've learned at IIMAK that has helped shape your career? Why?

A: I have learned to stay diligent on any new prospects or opportunities, even if they don't come in right away. Sometimes the sales cycle takes a little longer than expected, but if you stay on top of them and don't forget them, it will eventually all workout. This was known before, but it has been proven more than once while starting here a year ago.

Question: What motivates you to wake up and go to work? Why?

A: What motivates me every day is to build a better future for my wife and future kids/family when we start one. I want to be able to provide the same life for my family that my parents were able to give to me.

Question: What did you want to be when you grew up?

A: I guess if I go back to when I was a kid, I played hockey non-stop. So like a lot of kids, I wanted to be a professional hockey player. I think playing competitive sports growing up is part of why I ended up in sales as my career. There is always that competitiveness there!

Question: What advice do you have for younger generations looking to pursue a career in sales/account management?

A: I can keep this answer pretty simple, and I believe it comes down to one word that can help anyone pursue and be successful with a career in sales and account management. That word is Care. Many skills can be learned in a job, but you cannot teach someone to care. What I mean by that is to put yourself into someone else's shoes in different situations and see where they are coming from. Listen to them. Provide a solution to them that is going to help them. If you think you took Care of your customer, then do one more thing on top of that to wow them. No matter what your customer will eventually see if you genuinely care or not, I believe that has a huge impact on whether they return to you or not.

Question: What's one skill you think everyone should learn andwhy?

A: Listen. Listen and respond. I think this is important because there are so many different perspectives out there. Thinking your way is the only way is usually not accurate. I believe that listening first and then responding is a skill set that can help many different career paths.

Question: What's your guilty pleasure?

A: Probably playing Poker. I like to play and see if I can get a competitive advantage over other players.

Question: What are your hobbies outside of IIMAK?

A: I enjoy spending time with my wife and my family/friends. I am very into sports and big Buffalo Bills and Sabres hockey fan. I split season tickets for the Sabres with my brothers, so I always like to go to those games and some Bills games here and there.

Question: What was the first and the last concert you attended?

A: The first one was the goo goo dolls. The last one, I believe, was Zac Brown Band.

Question: What is your favorite quote ?

A: My favorite quote is:

"Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually, it will subside, and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever."

That quote has always stuck with me since I heard it. It helps remind you that when you are going through a tough time, or something is difficult, to keep going because you will eventually get through it.

Question: Compared to other places you have worked, what differentiates IIMAK? 

A: I come from 10 years in a car dealership, and a start-up company after that. The biggest thing I would say differentiates IIMAK from what I am used to is a work/life balance.

Question: How do you define success?

A: I would define success by simply staying true to who you are and what you believe in on a day to day basis. As an example, there may be a quick way to get something that you can benefit from in the short term, but you know it is not the right thing to do, so you hold off. I think that sticking to morals like that will make you successful overall in the long term.

Question: What are three traits that define you?

A: I would say the top three traits that would define me would be empathy, accountability, and persistence. The biggest one I try to live by is accountability, though. There will always be times when you have to make decisions, and I believe you have to be accountable for those decisions made and mainly hold yourself accountable.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons & The Success of Our Employee Chris

When it comes to thermal transfer solutions, Chris has quickly picked up on the industry and continues to take a unique, consultative approach to his customers' issues, providing them with a quick, efficient, and reliable solution every step of the way. At IIMAK we take pride in the fact that our account managers are a reliable industry resource for all.

You can stay up to date with Chris and his views on technology advancements within the thermal transfer industry by connecting with him on Linkedin!

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