IIMAK Employee Spotlight

18 December 2020

Our last employee spotlight of the 2020 year features our Account Manager, Jim Lumadue. Jim has been on our team since 2016. He takes his time with each individual customer to listen and understand their unique situation and helps them apply an IIMAK solution. Jim has set an example for his colleges when it comes to product knowledge and understanding, helping others learn on a daily basis.

What Makes IIMAK Home For Account Manager Jim Lumadue

Jim Lumadue - IIMAK Employee Spotlight

Question: What was your First Job?

Answer: My first job was working as a bag room attendant at Tan Tara Golf Club in North Tonawanda. I’ve golfed my whole life and I already knew many members there. I truly enjoyed talking with the members after their rounds and building relationships with them.

Question: What are your hobbies outside of IIMAK?

Answer: Outside of IIMAK I enjoy golfing with family and friends. I also play ice hockey and pickleball as well. Additionally, my wife and I travel frequently, a couple of our favorite places are Hawaii and Disneyworld!

Question: What is the best part about your job here at IIMAK?

Answer: The best part about my job is being able to take a consultative approach to a customer’s business and integrate IIMAK as an extension to that. Helping people with problems and offering them a reliable solution that I know will make a difference and help their business thrive.

Expert Knowledge in Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Question: What is one thing that you have learned at IIMAK that has helped shape your career and why?

Answer: One thing that I have learned at IIMAK is the stay on the course. Once you get an opportunity in motion there are many things that need to be tested or certain regulations that need to be met in order to move forward, especially at the end user level. Understanding our end users’ needs will in turn drive our customers’ needs and we as the manufacture will be there to help them pull the business over the goal line.

Question: How do you Define success?

Answer: I define success as repeatedly making a tangible difference or impact on any situation. Success is incremental and is the result of many different small pieces added up over time. I believe that is what can make each workday meaningful.

Question: What are three traits that define you?

Answer: Three traits that define me are grit, self-reliance, and patience. I think you can get as far as you want to in life if you have enough grit to see long term goals through to the end. Additionally, it’s one thing to be self-confident but you need to be self-reliant to be successful in so you can trust yourself to handle things that are thrown your way. Lastly is patience, as if it reveals true character, especially when things don’t go as anticipated.

Jim’s Overall Success in the Thermal Transfer Ribbon Industry

Beyond what we see of Jim at the office, it’s clear that his first priority is the customer, and it shows every time he reaches out to help them on a daily basis. If you’re seeking out a new thermal transfer solution, need help upgrading your current ribbons, or just want to talk industry trends, you can connect with Jim on Linkedin!  Stay in the loop with all things TTR & more by subscribing to our mailing list! 


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