IIMAK Employee Spotlight

11 January 2021

What Makes IIMAK home for Account Manager Jeannie Bax

Jeannie Bax - IIMAK Employee Spotlight

With 24 years under her belt, Jeannie Bax has been well known and liked by customers and employees for the many years she has been at IIMAK. Jeannie brings an ample amount of industry knowledge to the table, paired with her upbeat personality; you simply cannot put a price on the experience customers have with Jeannie! With a lively personality and work history like Jeannie’s, we asked her to reflect on the last 24 years and help us learn a little bit more about her and what she enjoys in her free time.

Life Outside the Thermal Transfer World

Question: What was your first job ever?

Answer: I was a deli clerk at a local grocery store 

Question: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Answer: A pilot! BUT I was afraid of thunderstorms, so I thought that probably wasn’t such a great idea.

Question: What are your hobbies outside of IIMAK?

Answer: I enjoy lots of things! Traveling with family, decorating, sewing, shopping & bike riding/hiking. 

Question: If you didn’t live in Buffalo, NY, where would you live and why?

Answer: Australia! It’s a lot like the U.S but with a more relaxed atmosphere. The scenery and beaches are spectacular, and their accents are so fun to listen to. 


IIMAK Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Question: Compared to other places you have worked, what differentiates IIMAK?

Answer: The teamwork initiated by every person at IIMAK – It’s never a question of “who’s job responsibility is this?” but “How can we all best serve the customer?” 

Question: Who inspired you to pursue the career you have today and why?

Answer: In the early part of my career, I worked in administrative positions for Sales Executives and assisted many sales personnel, which gave me much interaction with the customer base. Many customers and my peers always commented that I should be in a full-time sales position, so I finally did.

Question: What is the best part of your job?

Answer: The appreciation and excitement of my customers by helping them win new business. I always tell my customers they don’t have to be an expert in selling thermal transfer ribbons – just go find an opportunity and let IIMAK help you spec in the correct product, provide samples, or have us do in-house testing, proving we have an excellent solution for the end-user. 

Question: Why should someone WANT to work at IIMAK?

Answer: Because IIMAK is a USA Manufacturer – the pride it brings being part of creating a product that is used globally right here in Western New York. And knowing that ultimately this helps support and build our own USA economy.

Question: What’s one thing you think everyone should learn and why?

Answer: Adaptability – don’t get too complacent as things are forever changing within your work and personal life. As we’ve all experienced this past year in 2020, life will change suddenly and unexpectedly.  Quickly adapting to the new environment, new procedures, the new ”normal” will alleviate stress for yourself and others allowing you to focus on making the correct important decisions. 

Question: How do you define success?

Answer: When I have made someone happy and made life a bit easier for them. Also, developing relationships with customers that lead to friendship and they trust that I’m looking to help them achieve their goals, professionally and monetarily.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Expert

Jeannie always makes herself available when teammates have thermal transfer questions on specific label stock, applications, or ink types. She is a tenacious individual, especially when she is working on new opportunities and the customers know they can count on her to deliver for them. Jeannie is an IIMAK veteran and a clear leader on our sales team.

We encourage everyone to take the opportunity to connect with Jeannie on Linkedin and pick her brain on anything and everything thermal transfer related!

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