Need a Resin Ribbon that Can Withstand Heat and Cold

26 April 2021

SP330: High Durability in a Wide Range of Temperatures

Barcoding and labeling are crucial in industrial, commercial, and medical applications for inventory identification and tracking purposes. When an application presents an extreme temperature parameter, it is important that the substrate and thermal transfer ribbon are specifically selected for that application to ensure long-term longevity and readability of the label. IIMAK resin ribbon SP330 has high durability in a wide range of applications from cryogenic at -285 °F/-196 °C to high temperature at 300 °C/500 °F.

Low Temperatures: Cryogenic identification labeling applications exist primarily in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Tubes and slides of crucial biological products, including blood, stem cells, vaccines, and whole tissues, are often frozen in liquid nitrogen or ultra-low temperature freezers down to -196 °C.

The labeling of these tubes and slides are critical to reducing the risk of potentially catastrophic mix-ups. It is imperative that the identification labels do not deteriorate in order to provide ongoing identification to their users at pharmaceutical companies, bio-pharma research labs, cell banks, biorepositories, and other laboratories.

High Temperatures: High-temperature identification labeling applications exist primarily in electronics production industries. Printed circuit board manufacturing requires substrates and thermal transfer ribbons that can withstand soldering baths, ovens, and ultrasonic cleaning.

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