Press Room

IIMAK Update

16 March 2020

These are challenging times. The uncertainty that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed on us as individuals, families, businesses and communities is unprecedented. As business people, we can agree that we have at least two things in common. First, the collective well-being of our employees, families, business partners and community members is our top priority. Second, we are all navigating these waters for the first time.

Given the situation, IIMAK has enacted the following key plans:

Task Force - Risk mitigation and action plans have been implemented globally by our geographic leadership teams. Our executive management team is in daily contact with these teams and we will adjust plans as the situation dictates.

Operations/Production - All our production sites are fully operational. We have increased production output to build “buffer” component and finished good inventory as a risk mitigation measure. We have assessed our raw material supply and have not identified any significant risk of outage at this time. For limited materials coming from “hot spots”, we have either secured alternative sources and/or increased inventory.

Social distancing and other hygiene practices - We are meeting or exceeding all recommendations from federal, state and local public health officials. We are pausing all non-critical business travel and limiting site visitors to essential people only. We will continue to be in frequent contact with our customers, suppliers and other business partners via phone, email, video conferencing and other technology tools to ensure communication remains at a high level.

 Flexibility - We are implementing a rotational work from home schedule for all office personnel as another risk mitigation measure. Rest assured we have equipped them with all necessary tools to work effectively from remote locations. Your contacts, and their respective phone numbers and email addresses have not changed. You will feel no disruption in service levels.

As we all know, this is a fluid situation evolving at a rapid rate. As such, so will our plans and actions to ensure the safety and security of our employees and that our partners continue to receive the outstanding customer care and product quality expected from IIMAK.

For more information and updates, please contact IIMAK at 1.888.464.4625or email