IIMAK Compatible Inks for Organic Products Inks

IIMAK Inks is proud to supply marking device inks and accessories to Organic Products customers.

IIMAK Inks is a global leader specializing in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of fluid inks for industrial coding and marking, wide format and desktop applications. Based in Amherst, NY, IIMAK has core competencies in ink formulation and manufacturing, delivering superior quality.

With the original Aerobrand® inks, IIMAK offers a wide range of inks that are highly compatible with OP inks. Following is a basic cross reference and partial list of IIMAK products.

Organic Products Ink IIMAK Aerobrand® Ink IIMAK Description
Wornow M Epxy Two part epoxy meets government spec A-A-56032.
F100, F150 1250/141 Excellent all purpose, waterproof solvent ink that performs well in all types of application methods (dye)
F-UV 6744 Invisible ink that appears purple under UV light
F-1400 6459 One part epoxy resin resists most solvents and degreasers. Excellent permanence and easy to use
Solvent resistant including degreasers, alcohol, and trichloroethylene
Odorless, water removable ink
F-2150 42M Stencil
PL0, PL1, PL2 #0, #1, #2 Stamp pads for use with aqueous ink (e.g. 1915, 5127)

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