IIMAK's Newest Solution for High Performance Packaging

IIMAK introduces NET330 thermal transfer overprint (TTO) ribbon for printing on-demand information directly on flexible packaging. This new premium resin ribbon offers strong heat resistance and excellent adhesion to films, assuring imprints remain legible from manufacturing to end use.

NET330 Demo - The Sutherland Test

NET330 Demo - Hot Lid Test

NET330 Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon for TTO Flexible Packaging

•  Long lasting TTO images on polyester flexible packaging materials

•  Doesn’t smear or rub off in the packaging process, even with hot fill

•  No image ghosting - heat resistance up to 500°F required for lid sealing

•  Withstands water and oils associated food production

•  Withstands chemicals like isopropyl alcohol, bleach, and more

•  Easy to use - No printer adjustments needed for most print formats

•  High performance in Markem, Videojet and other TTO printers


Hot Fill – Sauces, Soups, Nuts, Coffee Beans, Tray Lids, Prepared Food, Meat, Pork, Chicken, Seafood, Chub Packs, Nuts, Cook/Boil in a Bag, Pet Food and Treats, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical

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