ResinJet™ Breakthrough Aqueous Ink Technology

Aqueous Resin-Based Replacement Ink for HP DesignJet Printers

The industry's first aqueous replacement ink capable of producing robust, vibrant signs and graphics without comprimising on quality or throughput.


  • Plug-n-play – replace cartridges individually
  • High outdoor durability: fade, scratch and abrasion resistant
  • No flushing of ink lines
  • No new color profiles required
  • Excellent media compatibility
  • Completely dry/cured right from the printer
  • Environmentally friendly inks
  • Available colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, lt. cyan, and lt. magenta
  • Save an average of 40%

For use in:

  • DJ L25500
  • DJ L26500
  • DJ L28500
  • DJ LX260
  • DJ LX280
*Available in remanufactured cartridges and bulk ink

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Inks for HP DesignJet Printers

Formulated to provide long, uninterrupted print runs for the high volume print shops. IIMAK Inks inks are color matched preventing color shift and our precision manufacturing process assure the same exact color output from every cartridge. Our state of the art filtration process assures the longest printhead life.


  • Color matched – no new profiles
  • Plug-n-play – replace cartridges individually
  • No flushing of ink lines
  • Save an average of 40%

For use in:

  • DJ Z6200, Z6600, Z6800 NEW!
  • DJ Z6100, Z3200, Z3100, Z2100
* Remanufactured cartridges are available

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