We've drafted a new player to the team. Introducing SW200

The Game Has Changed.

Let's face it, the game has changed. Our businesses are being challenged by less demanding application requirements, cost reduction initiatives, new entrants to the market, and the availability of rougher paper label stocks. In turn, a new segment has emerged in the wax category and IIMAK is strengthening the line-up to address this category with SW200 Standard Wax. It's competitively positioned to help you score big with a newly developed wax formula combined with IIMAK's value-added services to defend against the changing market and WIN new business. 

SW200 Strategy for Success

Economy Wax

For standard applications where bottom line is a concern, SW200 offers the perfect solution for handling basic applications with ease

Clean Start

SW200 includes Clean Start® our patented built-in printhead cleaner. Customers can avoid unnecessary downtime and save money too by preventing premature printhead failures by using Clean Start.


Developed and manufactured at IIMAK’s Amherst, NY headquarters. SW200 delivers dependable quality and consistent performance.


Receive all the great services you are accustomed to from IIMAK including private labeling, same day shipping, free samples, and more!

Want to add SW200 to your team?

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  • Market trends
  • IIMAK's new offering
  • How to position SW200
  • Where there is opportunity
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SW200 Player Profile

  • Handles basic applications with ease
  • Clean Start® built-in printhead cleaner
  • Remarkable blackness in print quality
  • Prints at low energy setting to reduce stress on the printhead
  • Good stock latitude from rough to smooth coated papers
  • Excellent print quality on flood coated labels
  • Print speeds up to 10ips
  • Made in the USA
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The Scouting Report

"Good ribbon! I really like the way this performs"

Kevin Ontario

"Very black ribbon."

Rob New York

"Ribbon performed nicely on paper and BOPP."

Deb Illinois