Videojet® 1000 Series Inks

Freedom. That is what IIMAK is offering with the Videojet® 1000 Series replacement inks.

You now have the freedom to choose an alternative vendor for inks, make-up, and cleaner for your Videojet® 1000 Series printers. IIMAK presents a high quality, low cost option.

IIMAK Inks can offer:

  • More value for your dollar: IIMAK’s cartridges offer 200ml more ink than the OEM. This equals less down time, less waste.

  • Works easily on Videojet 1000 printers 1220; 1520; 1550; 1610; 1660 and 1710

  • “Pour-over” replacement inks and solvents. Simply replace the current cartridge with an IIMAK one.

  • Cost-effective alternative: save up to 40% on Videojet® replacement inks.

  • Keep your printers up and running with our fully compatible Videojet® fluids, proven in coding and marking applications for over 10 years

  • We also offer replacement parts for your printers too. It’s another risk-free cost reduction opportunity

Videojet 1000 Series Ink

Custom formulations are also available. Please call us directly for more information.

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IIMAK is your first choice for all your Videojet fluid needs. Contact IIMAK today for a free quote on all of our available Videojet Replacement Inks & Parts.  If you have legacy Videojet Printers, click here to check out our other videojet fluids.

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