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Due to their long lifespan, household appliances and tools, including kitchen tools, power equipment & power tools, require labeling and marking that can consistently perform in harsh environments over time. 

Due to their long lifespan, durable goods and equipment require labels that can consistently perform in harsh environments. Examples include labels on industrial equipment such as appliances, heating and cooling equipment, power tools, outdoor equipment (lawnmowers, air conditioners), small motors, compressors, or generators. While many durable labels are relied upon for product identification, they are also used to help customers maintain their equipment by providing critical instructions and warnings. As a result, many durable goods require UL 969 Recognized Label Solutions.

UL recognized solutions are a combination of the ribbon, label, and adhesive. Rather than submitting a labeling system to UL for testing, select an already approved IIMAK ribbon to save money and ensure your opportunity stays on schedule.

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