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Identification of auto parts, labels for batteries, tires & seat belts for inventory control, tracking, processes for quality testing & direct sales, with coding & variable data printing.

When it comes to marking and labeling within the automotive industry, it's critical when facilitating efficient sourcing, identification, and inventory of components for on-time assembly and delivery of completed vehicles. The traceability of batteries, tires, brake pads, airbags, seat belts, and more is necessary throughout the entire production process.

The performance of variable information labels, used for certification, emission, tire pressure, and paint/trim level information, is highly regulated by nationally recognized test labs (NRTLs) such as UL and automotive manufacturer standards GM14573, Ford WSS-M99P41, and FCA MS-13445.

When looking to meet marking and labeling requirements for automotive production, you'll want resistance to the following:
  • Abrasion
  • Heat
  • Steam
  • Ultraviolet ray
  • Chemicals
At ARMOR-IIMAK, we offer digital printing technology solutions to help identify, label and track automotive components throughout the supply chain process. Whether you are using thermal transfer ribbons, inkjet ink, or marking device inks, automotive OEM and aftermarket suppliers can choose the level of durability needed so printed images can meet the required durability needs.

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