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Ensure long-term traceability of electronic components for printed circuit boards during manufacturing & after processing in the market post-sale.

Effective long-term, legible marking help contain any minor quality issues. In addition, our inks are developed to endure harsh environments such as high heat, aggressive fluxes, and acidic cleaners used in manufacturing processes.
A printed circuit board (PCB) is the core component of most electronic appliances, including computers, printers, home entertainment equipment, "smart" kitchen appliances, and cellular phones. To ensure long-term PCB traceability, most boards are barcoded to communicate information such as board manufacture date, component lot numbers, and test data.

Many individual PCB components, including capacitors, resistors, and transistors, are also marked or labeled with similar information. Labels and markings need to be scannable at a tiny size and resist the high temperatures and harsh chemicals associated with hot soldering, aggressive fluxes, and acidic cleaners.

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