direct thermal films


Specialty Direct Thermal Films

IIMAK offers white and clear direct thermal films for a diverse range of tag & label applications including indirect food contact, medical, ultrasound, wristband, chemical resistance, and logistics. Our expert R&D team can also work with you hand-in-hand to identify a custom direct thermal film solution such as modifications to existing chemistries, formulations, and constructions.

IIMAK Specializes in High-Performance Direct Thermal Films for Demanding Applications

Leverage our expert team to tailor a solution that meets your needs!

Resin 1.6 mil, Matte Polypropylene Film

Thin white film construction provides more material per roll with fewer change-outs. Excellent performance on highly curved surfaces and great resistance to a wide array of environmental elements.

2.8 mil Clear, Matte Polypropylene Film

Clear film construction increases product visibility in packaging. Ideal for applications requiring high-speed printing and where image durability and longevity is critical.

Video Imaging
3.2 mil Film

Designed specifically for Sony and Mitsbushi printers. VID high gloss film construction provides improved imaging qualities, including ultra sensitive gray shading features.