resinjet printing

ResinJet Inks

Durable, Safe & Eco-Friendly Water-Based Pigment Inks

resinjet ink printing
ResinJet aqueous inks provide versatility for indoor & outdoor applications with a single piece of equipment.

You don't need a harsh solvent & UV-Curable inks to produce durable prints. It's never been more critical for companies to utilize green, environmentally friendly solutions in all aspects of their business. Due to material compatibility and print durability advancements, aqueous inks can be put into play where harsh solvent and UV-Curable Ink is the only solution.

Our patented Resinjet Inks utilize “switchable resin technology,” which provides the needed versatility to address indoor and outdoor print applications with a single piece of equipment while using water-based inks.

ResinJet produces odorless prints used in even the most delicate environments, such as healthcare and hospitality.  The list of applications where ResinJet can be utilized is virtually limitless.

ResinJet Benefits:
  • Non-flammable & Non-combustible 
  • No Special Ventilation Required 
  • 2-year Shelf Life 
  • Highly Durable: Scratch & Weather
  • Fade Resistant 
  • Outdoor & Industrial Applications 
  • Safe for Indirect Food Contact 
  • Low Odor 
  • Non-hazardous