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Continuous Inkjet (CIJ)

IMAK CIJ inks are commonly used for coding products like glass, metals, PVC, plastics, coated & uncoated paper, flexible packaging, and more. 

Our Continuous Inkjet inks and solvents are manufactured in the USA and we offer same-day shipping on our most popular products. CIJ inks are commonly used on glass, metal, PVC, plastics, and coated and uncoated paper to mark and code products and packaging in multiple industries.
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Our printer system compatibility allows you to plug and play easily with your existing system, making implementation easy. Ideal for primary coding applications, IIMAK CIJ inks, make-ups, and cleaners all require no flushing, filter changes, or recalibration when implementing into your existing system. A rigorous filtration process delivers product filtration of 0.45μ absolute that exceeds industry standards, allowing your printer to run smoother than ever.  

The IIMAK Advantage: 

  • Significant cost savings when you switch
  • ZERO converting downtime on our plug and play inks
  • A substantial selection of printer spare parts available 
  • On-site service from our network of factory-trained personnel 
  • Customized ink formulations for any special application requirements 

IIMAK CIJ inks can be used in a variety of printers: 

  • Videojet®
  • Domino®
  • Linx®
  • Hitachi®
  • Markem-Imaje®
We can provide you with superior formulations for your special applications including, Thermochromic color-changing inks, Alkalai washable inks, Alcohol-resistant inks, UV inks, and color pigmented inks for darker substrates.

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